UPCOMING (unless we dont get round to updating the website for ages again) 

17 december 2011 : xmas @ the lion, cliftonwood

26 november 2011: langford court

in which tmr stay up past their bedtime. 

10 september 2011: langform live (click link)

in which tmr support the teenage cancer trust.  and ocean colour scene. 

16 july 2011 - cliftonwood street party

in which tmr play outside as support act to a 90 year old pianist 

second substantial gap in reviews

in which further apathy is apparent in writing reviews

12 september 2010 - stepping stones  

in which tmr help save the african witch children

27 august 2010 - the ss great britain

in which tmr play on a very old boat

31 july 2010 - codgstock 

in which tmr support legion of many and a girl gets glow-stick goo in her mouth

substantial gap in reviews

in which no one can really be bothered to do write ups of the gigs

5 february 2010 - fleece & firkin

in which tmr play one of bristol's best music venues for the prince's trust and a stag do turn up near the end buying all of the remaining tmr t shirts as the stag's middle name is rufus

19 december 2009 - the lion, cliftonwood

in which pete wears a lovely coat and barry scares the audience with his interpretation of "in the bleak mid-winter".

31 october 2009 - channings

in which a tramp and his dog invaded the stage.

9 october 2009 - the return to the ranch

in which the mighty rufus induce labour.

3 october 2009 - lichfield

"the worst noise i have ever heard" - sincere old lady

26 september 2009 - the lion, cliftonwood

"amazing": almost getting the review they deserve, original fm dj john turner thus described the rufus boys performance on his sunday morning show. sadly he had forgotten the band's name.

technically a gig for charity, barry rufus was the source of much swooning from the gaggle of legs in attendance. special thanks to rosie who guest vocalled to perfection on two songs one young observer commented that the rufus drummer was "sick". he has now recovered.

1 august 2009 - the festival

surprising as it is, this was tmr's first festival appearance. and what a show. they excelled even their own earlier gigs. barry blew the revellers away belting out a greatest hits set as the crowd chanted "rufus rufus rufus...". a few eager fans tracked ben and junior down to the hot tub, drinking champagne before their sound check. hurricane delved into posh-drunk-sandwich-experimentation with featuring tofu and pine nuts, danced on a wall for three hours and generally loved everybody. and the edge announced his retirement. more news on this development shortly.

support came from firetype who were playing their last ever gig: they were splitting up to go to university[!].

big thanks to ten bears who arrived instantly looking like an actual band (skinny jeans, hats and cool hair etc) and provided further support in what would many would describe as the headline slot.

someone broke both their wrists and the following morning ben dropped his drum key in a bucket of vomit, but the overall message is : look out world, tmr have arrived

20 march 2009 - the secret gig at the ranch

who would have thought that the gig @ the polish club could have been topped? the rufus boys performance at the ranch was simply majesticaltacular. a whole bunch of new songs, sweat and fog. the ranch was rammed and for the adoring fans, it gets no better than this. dates for arena tour tbc shortly.

22 november 2008 - the polish club, clifton

the rufus launched their soon-to-be stellar musical career to a velocirapturous reception. 18 truly great songs, given probably the best rendition they have ever had. the crowd cried for fog - and the crowd got fog. and barry and ben stayed sober this time. the poster for the event said "you will tell your grandchildren about this" - and if you were lucky enough to be there, you most certainly will. unless you don't have any. in which case you may create imaginary second-tier offspring to recall this magical evening to.

if you were there, why not post a review on our guestbook page?

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